could you write me a dirty imagine with liam? please? my names grace :)

Hi I'm Amanda! Can I Please have a Dirty imagine were I am Louis little sister and Harry do anything to get the chance to flirt with me but I don't get it. Louis don't like that of course but it end up with that I start dating Harry? Please, it's My birthday!:)x

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My Turn


“Please…” your feeble voice echoes through the room. You could feel the strings of the leather harness around your naked body tighten up.

“Yes?” Niall asked in a harsh way while pulling you against him.

“Don’t… stop,” you finished your sentence and felt the familiar sting of the whip on your bare bottom.

“I won’t, don’t ya worry, ya little slut. Ya like it rough, huh?” he hisses while bringing down the whip again. You scream in pain, but also pleasure. Never in a million years had you thought that Niall Horan, the adorable Irish member of One Direction liked it rough in the bedroom. But now you knew from experience that he did. And how much he did! You met him at a club a couple of weeks ago, and he decided to bring you along with him on the tour. The other boys thought you had a normal relationship, and often commented on how ‘cute’ you guys were together, but behind closed doors, a different Niall was in command. A rough, unforgiving, harsh and damn sexy Niall. You fell head over heels for him.

“Now… let’s see how wet you are already,” he says while sliding his fingers down over your bare chest and stomach right in between your legs. Since you were kneeling on the floor in front of him, he had perfect access to your most intimate parts. As he slid two fingers in, you could not help but let out a gaspy moan. All the sexual tension was unbearable, and he had whipped you for roughly 10 minutes now, making you dripping wet. He slid out again and back over your body, leaving a single wet trace of your own juice. “Oh, you are so ready, aren’t ya? My little sex slave, just begging for it… Well, let me tell ya sumthing, honey, ya haven’t seen this one coming,” he growls dangerously from behind you before he lifts you up and practically throws you on the bed, face first, ass in the air. Before you can adjust yourself, his deliciously big dick is already penetrating you from behind. You groan into the bed and let yourself get fucked into trance by none other than Niall Horan, that horny Irish prick.

He grabs your shoulders and pulls you up against him, brutally biting down on your neckline, holding you in place with his sharp teeth. You wish you had your hands free, so you could wrap them around his head and in his hair, but they were in cuffs, just as he liked it. His rhythm got harder while he sucked and bit down hard on your skin. His huge hands were massaging your breasts and twisting your nipples in every possible way. You don’t even know which pain was the most pleasurable one anymore, you just feel like you’re about to explode… when something warm and thick runs down your shoulder and you can feel his delicate tongue liking the blood he just made squirt out of the bite on your neck away, you reach the height of your little game, and screaming and winding your body furiously, you let go and feel like drifting off into higher spheres…

You can feel Niall smile into your shoulder and he thrusts one last time hard and deep, before he releases himself inside you. You both crash onto the bed, breathing heavily. He undoes your cuffs and grabs the leather harness to pull you against his naked chest. You lie still for a moment before his skilled fingers find your clit again, and before you know what’s happening, you come again.

When you’re finally back on planet earth, he pulls a strand of hair from your face and kisses you softly on the forehead.

“That was amazing,” he whispers huskily and you just nod. Looking up into his too pretty to be true blue eyes you smile your cheeky smile.

“Wanna do it again?” you ask. His eyes grow a shade darker and he grins.

“Always,” he growls, but before he can move, you already have the cuffs around his hands.

“My turn,” you say seductively and when you see the surprised and turned-on expression on his face, you know that you’re gonna enjoy this one just as much as he will…


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